Tampa Data Center

Florida’s largest Data Center, the world hub for Data, Phone, and Internet Services is supported by their energy center in Northeast Tampa.

The center operates using 3000 tons of cooling capacity. Water usage was 50, 000 gallons of make-up per day. Thirty thousand gallons were evaporated, with 20,000 gallons needed for dilution, going to sewage, according to the water treatment case study.


Typical issues of water chemistry balancing left engineering searching for a better way to operate their system. Down time is no option, as daily billings approach $500 million dollars. Performance and a desire to standardize a corporate approach to tower operation, led them to Filters Plus and our system of eliminating the water chemistry juggling act.

We stopped their need to dilute the basin water and discharge 800 gallons per hour, 24/7. Filters Plus placed them online with our water treatment system, running parallel with the chemical treatment, cleaning and descaling the tower and pipe system throughout. Within 5 months of operation, the Facility staff saw the complete elimination of surface scale from the Hot decks, and the wetted tower fill.

Scale is no longer possible. Corrosion rates are 90 to 100 times better than they were before, and Biological control is almost absolute.

We learned some additional facts about the system….

We are raising TDS 12 times in 6 days, or 2 times per day. If we are evaporating 30,000 gallons a day, we would have approx. 15,000 gallons of water in the entire system.


Reports of analysis of Tower basin water for corrosion results are remarkable. The corrosion rates from our tests indicate corrosion as of no concern. Mild steel rate is .06 mpy. The industry standard as acceptable and recommended by the Cooling Tower Institute is 3 to 5 mpy. Verizon Copper corrosion was 0.01 mpy, Cooling Tower Institute recommends a rate of .3 mpy. Stainless Steel corrosion was .01 mpy. Putting this into perspective- The typical condenser cooling system utilizing 8″ mild steel pipe with 0.500″ wall thickness and Admiralty copper chiller tubes with a 0.0625″ wall thickness, at a corrosion rate of .3 mil/year, the Admiralty copper tubes will have a half-life of 104 years. If all other factors like heat, stress, mechanical wear, etc… were eliminated, the projected life of this equipment, based on corrosion, would be 208 years.

Salt usage is 2 bags a day or 100 lbs annual average daily. We are set at incoming water hardness of 19 Grains per gallon, or 324 ppm Hardness.

City system water pressure runs from 21 psi to 69 psi

Tampa Data Center Cycles of Concentration

Before & After Filters Plus

Before Filters Plus1After Filters Plus
Before Filters PlusAfter Filters Plus

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